Scattering techniques

Generation of 3D crystal from a single unit cell 

Cartoons of different crystalline sample types 

Two-slit interference as a function of slit separation

Cartoon of conditions for Bragg’s law 

Cartoons of meeting the Bragg condition and the Ewald sphere

Cartoons of Laue diffraction 

Cartoon of lunes

Cartoon of serial crystallography

3D plot of successive diffraction patterns of lysozyme captured using SSX

Generation of electron-density isosurfaces from complex 

structure factors

Plot year for year of historical x-ray- and cryoEM-structure deposits in the PDB

Plot of Bragg-peak intensities for benzyl-penicillin also showing the Bijvoet ratios of Friedel pairs

Cartoons of generation of a powder XRD pattern

Collapse of a 3D silicon single-crystal diffraction pattern to a 1D powder pattern

Cartoon of parallel data acquisition in powder diffraction experiments 

Surface x-ray diffraction measurements

LEED explanation of how crystal-truncation rods form

Variation of crystal-truncation rod intensities as a function of out-of-plane Q-vector with relaxation of the surface layer

Si(111) 7x7 reconstruction

Cartoon of bulk termination to surface reconstruction

Cartoon of layer-for-layer thin film growth and corresponding XRR signal