Relativistic transformation from dipole to synchrotron radiation

Relativity explained in a nutshell

Lorentz force acting on a moving charge in a magnetic field

Cartoon of a synchrotron facility

Bending magnet spectra as a function of storage-ring energy and magnetic-field strength

Cartoon of radiation cone emitted

by an electron traversing a BM

Cartoon of action of an RF cavity on electrons 

Cartoon of rounded polygon transforming to a circle

Cartoon of phase-space representation of electron emittance

Dependence of total emittance on electron emittance and

Change in spectral characteristics of a U14 with electron emittance

Cartoon of the transformation of a wiggler to an undulator

Cartoon of a high-temperature superconducting undulator

Cartoon of the mechanism of bunch compression

Cartoon of SASE


Synchrotron machine physics